The problem with imagines is that instead of saying “If Juliette is pregnant” you kinda say “If Warner is pregnant” because you’re probably so deep into the fandom that you’ve lost your grip on reality

imagine warner and juliette having a kid and when he or she has 6 or 7 he ask them how they met and hey get all uncomfortable and share awkward looks —Anonymous


No, no, but just imagine when Warner, during Juliette’s pregnancy stage, takes his wife out to his room/office. Smiles proudly. Juliette looks concerned. 

W: “I have fond memories here.” 

J: “…”

W: “When our little girl grows up—no don’t look at me like that she’s definitely going to be a girl— I’ll point here on this bed and table and tell her that this was where she was created.” 

J: “If you don’t shut up then I’ll tell our daughter or son that this is where I murdered their father too.” 

W: “…”

J: “…”

W: “I love you.” 

J: “Shut up.”

Imagine (AU i guess?) Juliette falling asleep in Warners arms, but then waking up to being in her cell, Adam hovering above her, just like in the first book, and everything starts over —Anonymous

What have you done

But Adam could be Colton Haynes. Ryan Kelley has blonde hair and green eyes before. —Anonymous



a couple shots of us from david branson’s #juneportraitseries 

Am I the only one who sees Ryan Kelley play as Warner? —Anonymous

Oooh he’s a hot tamale OuO Idk but he can be either Warner or Adam or both at the same time. 

Am I the only one that would be so upset to have dan dehaan as warner? I'm sorry but I can't see him being warner at all. I was picturing a big tall muscular blonde.. :/ —Anonymous

Don’t worry love :3 There’s probably a lot of people who disapprove as well. So long as we all respect everyone’s opinions then were good. 

Hunter Parrish =u=

i need a fanfic with hot rough passionate wild warnette sex. that's all. —Anonymous

Not really much of that in the fanfic list, but try checking and see if there is; maybe there’s a new one that suits your needs. 

I’ll be writing one in the near future, prolly after tests, so let’s see how that turns out. 


Tahereh Mafi, Ignite Me

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Max Ryder could be a good Warner :) Google him :) —Anonymous

*chokes on existence*