Why ronie?

Aaron = Ronie

That’s what the Anon was trying to say yeah?

That's another thing! I really wish there was an epilogue of some sort so we can see where Juliette and Aaron end up! Please, I'm begging you, put that in your version :p

I will, I will :) I really want to put more attention to Adam as well. Maybe get him a good lady who can change his perspective of things. Someone aside from James who makes him happy. 

Sigh. It might go out as I planned it to be, but my only problem is finding out how Warner and Juliette would end up together and Adam would end up understanding the situation. It’s gonna be one hell of a story. 

Do you have you rewrite of Ignite Me somewhere? I want to read it!

It’s in my fic recs page, entitled “Ignite Me”.

I only remade the 1st chapter, actually, so chapters 2-10 are my old Ignite Me works, which explains why the chapters don’t connect.

Chapter 1 only yup. 

Do you think that Anderson's death was anticlimactic? I think Aaron or at least Adam should have killed him. I feel like Ignite Me ended rather abruptly. Am I missing an epilogue or something?

Yeah, I think so too. I remember talking about it a day after I read it (a day after the official release). I said that it felt incomplete, and there were some questions left unanswered and new questions brought up as the book progresses. I think that Mafi focused more on getting the pairing together, which took up 50% of the book, so that she could be able to go to the problem at hand.

I think that Warner and Adam should’ve been there along with Juliette. Or maybe some sort of fight scene and a few dialogues from Anderson. 

Imagine Juliette calling Warner "Ronie" and after a few days James started to call Warner by that name and Warner's just embarrassed about it

question: in ch 62, who says "oh God—" when they're kissing? warner or juliette?

I’m 90% sure that it’s Warner

aw that means i won't get to see you it's alright tho have fun

Hehe ^^” Hope you have fun too! I’m actually really terrified of meeting my fans because I’m pretty sure they’d be so disappointed when they see me UwU 

I am an ugly barnacle D:

What if we could turn Warner and Kenji into Sherlock and John and Juliette is Molly Hooper BOOM We have created Shatterlock

Shatterlock omg. 

I like you very much, friend. 

But Season 3 episode 1!! That Sherlolly kiss (sigh)!! 

Oh, and The Sign of Three!! The bachelor celebration!! The “Am I pretty lady?”!!! 

ey I live in the Philippines too ha which book signing are you going to? The one in Manila or Cebu?

Manila :)