THE WARNER SYNDROME is basically a very unhealthy addiction to Warner from Shatter Me. 

It started out as a joke; a “disease” I’ve been spreading to my friends. The disease is literally just me spreading my love for Warner. Eventually, they were convinced with the bullsh~ and decided to love Warner/read Shatter Me. 


I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to spread like hella.

Omgmg imagine if warner hurt his arm or something and he had to get Juliette to help him dress nd she picked his out fit for him #otp —Anonymous

"Juliette what happened to my tie"

"Juliette my shirt is wrinkled"

"Juliette my shoooesss"



*horrified screaming*


((Basically how I imagine it to be. 

Maybe i should have an “Imagine Juliette and Warner” section on my page? Anyone up for that? If so, just message me your imagines yeah.))

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YA lit meme : 01/10 series or book → Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

❝ And we are quotation marks, inverted and upside down, clinging to one another at the end of this life sentence. Trapped by lives we did not choose. It’s time, I think, to break free.

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Ignite Me (fic) chapter 1: Wake Up Call

Whoa whoa whoa! So yes guys I’m back with a very much remade fanfic. It’s gonna be more dark, more awesome, and more well-written! (Don’t worry. I’ll be posting the 1st story in the future. I’ve got it saved yup)

The Summary

The war has ended in complete chaos and destruction, leaving Juliette and her friends as the only hope for the downfall of Anderson and The Reestablishment. But for them to do that they’ll be needing the help of an unlikely ally, the person who brought Juliette back to life: Aaron Warner. It’s time for a new war to begin.

If you loved my 1st written work, Ignite Me, I can tell you that this one will be much, much better. So please support me as I go through a new and harder writing journey by leaving a review or telling me what you think! Each review/criticism will be appreciated!! Thanks! 

(Please, please, please don’t let me down with this. This story is going to be my Grand Story for the year. I’m writing this in preparation for rewriting a much complex story, a Divergent AS called “Fade”. After that I’ll be writing a Mara Dyer story and, hopefully, an SM/MD AU story that’s gonna be so badass. So yup, please lend me a helping hand so I can improve on my mistakes)

Which other books would u suggest me like Hush hush, delirium or shatter me?:) —jenette-jenette

Well that’s hard since each of them have different genres of Young Adult, but I think I can find some sort of parallel for these. 

Shatter Me: Mara Dyer 

Delirium: Divergent, Matched, Legend 

Hush, Hush (I can’t think of any, but I guess in terms of the paranormal things, mythical creatures and all that): Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Penryn and The End of Days, Books by Cassandra Clare (TMI and TID and such)

There’s a lot of really good books that are similar in terms of genre and general idea, but I rarely have the time to read those books. Sigh. Hopefully by the end of my vacation I can read at least 20—and that’s already a very low mark for me. 

Have you read the maze runner ....? —Anonymous

Not yet. I rarely have time to read these days since I’ve been going out of the country a lot (vacation period holla) and because of other things. 

i'm so happy i found this fan page!! is there any others? —Anonymous

There’s quite a lot, and though I’m too lazy to name some I do remember putting a few in my navi page. 

But if you’re asking me which page is as active as me the most, I would say shattermefans

warner's upcoming birthday: special birthday sexy times with juliette and finally some gifts from his buddies and no whips from his dad (cries at the thought) —Anonymous

I totally forgot that he’s birthday is near by oh my. 

But but but what if Juliette kinda just spends the entire day with him, away from work and everything else and this just makes me so, so sad and happy because holy shit Warner’s like 20+ if you actually think about it. 

Remaking Ignite Me (the fanfic)???

Guess what? I’ve decided to remake the entire plot and story of the highly demanded Ignite Me fanfic! 

I just want to know if you guys are ready for something completely new. I’ve tried putting it as close to the tracks that the actual Ignite Me followed so I won’t get lost though.